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Route planning

Find out where all your customers are located in relation to you, so you can plan your day better and reduce driving time.

Task management

See which customer are overdue for a visit. Assign tasks to reps or let them assign tasks themselves to ensure customer visits are not missed.  

On-site order capturing

Increase accuracy and turn-around time on orders. Reps can  access the latest product, pricing and inventory information, and submit orders on-site, even offline.

Digital product catalogue

Reps can share product information and availability via a full-colour digital product catalogue on their mobile device. 

Customer engagement history

Reps can carry full knowledge of all customer history even on inherited customer accounts, so they're always able to continue the conversation where they left off.

Customisable forms

Easily capture all required information during customer visits with customisable visit forms - e.g. audits, customer surveys, and scorecards.

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Skynamo customers see an increase in customer engagements by up to 3x and increase in sales revenue by up to 20% in their first year.  

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Skynamo Mob ile Sales App

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GeoRep, Repsly, Zoho, and Bluwave offer similar tools to Skynamo. However, Skynamo ranks as leader in the field sales category for small and medium-sized businesses. And for good reason. 

You get sales rep tracking, route planning and GPS. You can view customer history and mapping. You even get mobile ordering and offline functionality.

But, with Skynamo, you get all of this, and more!

  • Expert integration with your ERP and accounting package (we've been doing this for years!)
  • Vaulted security and privacy (your data is safe.)
  • Ongoing support and free training (we take care of your team)

Whether you have one rep or 100, Skynamo makes sense of sales, gets rid of field sales confusion, and gives you the geo-location of your reps, all on an easy-to-use app.

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Call or text  +27 861 345 345

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Skynamo integrates easily with your ERP and accounting software! That means live ordering, inventory checks, and price lists, in the field, where you need it most.

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